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What is PAT Testing

PAT Testing, or Portable Appliance Testing, must be undertaken in order for companies to fully comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations.

Electrical Testing is required because, during everyday use, electrical appliances can become worn or damaged. This can result in appliances becoming unsafe - so a proper maintenance schedule is essential for businesses. PAT Testing, is therefore a documented method of electrical maintenance which companies are required to undertake on all their portable appliances.

What Is A Portable Appliance?
A portable appliance is any piece of electrical equipment that can be moved from area to area and be reconnected to the supply via a plug and socket system.

PAT Testing Regulations
The most important reasons for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing are:

Current Legislation:
 The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
There is a duty of care on the employer and employee to ensure safe work premises.
 The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
Electrical equipment used in the business shall be routinely inspected and tested to ensure it is safe and functional.
 The Provision and Use of Work Equipment (Power) 1998
Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, efficient working order and in good repair.
 The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
Every employer shall make adequate assessments of the Health & Safety risks his employees are exposed to whilst at work.

The only certain method of ensuring that electrical appliances are safe is to have them tested by a qualified person using calibrated Portable Appliance Testing Equipment.

The inspection and testing of in-service electrical equipment (Portable Appliance Testing) was introduced to enable businesses to comply with the regulations.

The Health & Safety Executive offers no absolute rules on the frequency of the testing and inspection of portable appliances. The frequency of the inspection and testing will depend upon the appliance, its location and use. Most businesses opt for annual testing – this is the generally accepted interval.

Risk of fire and injury due to faulty electrical equipment is minimised.

Insurance companies cannot dispute claims for damage through fire because of insufficient electrical maintenance.

How Often Is PAT Testing Carried Out?
This depends on the workplace environment and the equipment to be tested - we are more than happy to assist companies in choosing the correct periods between testing - please contact us for further information.

As a rule of thumb though a large drill in a busy workshop will require more regular electrical testing than a computer within an office environment.

What Is The Testing Procedure?
When carrying out Portable Appliance Testing we will perform a number of tests on each appliance:

Cornwall PAT Testing


  Full visual inspection
  Earth continuity test
  Insulation test
  Earth leakage test
  A certificate is then produced for your files indicating the results of the individual tests. This can be done either in hard copy, disc or email.

Each item of electrical equipment is given an individual number and identified with a sticker. This will ensure that the item can be tracked and provides a clear indication of its pass / fail status.

Does Testing Disrupt The Workplace?
All electrical equipment to be tested has to be disconnected from the mains supply. We realise the inconvenience that this can cause, especially in a busy office environment, that is why we provide out of hours service at no extra cost.

A competent person needs to be provided by the customer to meet our technician, advise on any health and safety issues when working at the customer’s premises and also to ensure the availability of appliances for pat testing - to ensure that any critical information or data has been protected/backed up prior to the start of inspection and testing and to ensure that all key systems and appliances are returned to a fully operational state at the end of the inspection and testing process.


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